Wednesday, June 3, 2009

y do ppl wana have children when they cannot care

y do ppl wana have children when they cannot care.............i don't understand...
a couple must have a kid one and only if
they could show all their love and care and affection without any respect to their[parents] mood
please do listen and respond to the child everytime the child wants...
both the parent must take enough responsiblity
not a bit of partiality when more than one child..
try to show them to b independent in every action and thought instead of trying
to make them submissive to u'r own..

not just show love with presents but with presence..
make sure these are followed right from the birth of the child and not try
after regretting for not having
been a nice parent all these days(that wud'nt work out at all)

and please do realise that the complete reason for the child on earth
is the parent and parents please
dont blame destiny or fate as the reason for ur hurts..(all of us know basic bilogy!)